An oldie but goodie: Shooting with a vintage digital camera, the Kodak DC210.

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An Oldie but Goodie: Shooting with a Vintage Digital Camera from 1998, the Kodak DC210

Silver City IdahoKodak DC210 camera photoKodak DC210 camera photo of Silver City, Idaho Shot on Kodak DC210

Let’s go back to 1998. Bill Clinton was president (later impeached). The winter Olympics were held in Japan. Google Inc was founded. The Nikon D1 was just a rumor.

And Kodak released the Kodak one (1) megapixel DC210. This photo was taken in 1998 in Silver City, Idaho. 1998 was the very beginning of my photography career. There weren’t too many photographers shooting digital in 1998. Are all of my photos from 1998 the oldest known digital photos in existence? I’m not sure but I have them all and it’s a lot of fun looking back on early digital camera technology and their capabilities (or lack of). Believe or not, I still have the Kodak DC210!

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